How-to Dye Leather Shoes

Learn how to dye your leather shoes in five easy steps. Turn your old, rugged leather shoes to new leather shoes for under $10 simply by dyeing them.

Undyed vs Dyed Leather

In this tutorial, we will be dyeing navy leather women’s shoe into black.

Undyed vs. Dyed Leather

What you will need:

What You Need

  • Leather dye (around $5-9)
  • Wool dauber (usually included with dye)
  • Lotion (any lotion will do)
  • Sock or cloth (you should have one laying around)
  • Newspaper or box (this can get messy)

How-to Dye Leather Shoes

Step 1:

Clean Shoes

Thoroughly clean the shoes.

Step 2:

Apple First Coat

Apply leather dye with wool dauber all around the shoes.

Step 3:

Let Dry

Let dry for around 5 minutes or until completely dried.

Step 4:

Apply Second Coat

Apply second coat of leather dye with same wool dauber. Let dry for 5-10 minutes or until completely dried.

Step 5:

Buff with Lotion

Apply lotion with sock or cloth. Rub in circular motion. This will evenly distribute the leather dye and also add shine to the leather. You may repeat this step if necessary.

Before and After

That’s it! The old leather shoes have now been rejuvenated with new life!


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